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Wigs, Wigs and More Wigs


I’ve been thinking about wigs a lot lately. I’ve had nightmares for a whole week that my wig falls of in public, or that I suddenly notice that I’m not wearing a wig in public.

I think I know what brought this on.

While getting out of my car in the parking lot at work, I bumped my head and the wig slid back quite a few inches. I quickly fixed it, but one of the Managers might have seen it from his office window.

Don’t really know why, but I was embarassed. It’s funny, because a while ago, I actually wanted to go to work in my shaved head, but after a bad experience at the mall (went bald, everyone stared and pointed me out) I’ve grown quite shy of my bald head ( being bald also makes my face look fatter, but that’s an entire different subject).

So. I’ve decided to stick my wigs down. I’ve ordered a full lace wig, with a silk top, and am basically just waiting for it to arrive.


Synthetic vs. Human Hair


I own 7 Synthetic wigs made by René of Paris (btw, René of Paris is the manufacturer of Noriko, René of Paris and Amore).

I like how edgy the short hairstyles can look. I think it would be hard to get edgy styles like Rianna in Human Hair.

So the pros of synthetic hair:

  • It is always ready to put on
  • Frizz free
  • Weather does not affect it
  • Your hair looks tidy all day long
  • No time wasted styling
  • Low Maintenance
  • They cost a lot less. You can get medical grade synthetic wigs for as low as $70.

Cons of Synthetic hair:

  • It can look a bit too shiny especially in photos taken with flashes.
  • Human hair does look more natural, not that people can tell you’re wearing a wig, but be ready for lots of compliments, and sometimes when you’re wearing a wig you just want to go by unnoticed.
  • People tend to stare… I think it’s because the wig has a bit more shine or maybe because I chose bolder haircuts which wouldn’t be possible with human hair.
  • They do last less time. The fibers in the nape especially tend to look frazzled after two and a half to three months time (wearing it all day long and removing it only to sleep).
  • If you don’t get heat safe synthetic wigs you’re stuck with the style you got.

 Now Human hair…

I own two lace wigs made out of human hair. They’re supposed to be “Malaysian” and I don’t care if they’re Malaysian, Indian, Chinese or European, I LIKE them! The hair is smooth and soft and it feels real, which I consider to be a GREAT plus.

Pros of Human Hair (HH):

  • It looks 100% natural (ok, because it IS natural)
  • The feel against your skin is really nice because it feels more real
  • People REALLY can’t tell there is something “off” about your hair.
  • You can style it with heat, braid it while it’s damp to get a nice wave, flat iron it, curl it… you name it, it can be done.
  • You can moisturize it and take care of it, therefore it lasts a lot longer. I’ve heard some people use HH wigs for up to 7 years! That’s a long time!


  • It is more expensive.
  • It takes more time and energy to keep it looking good
  • It is affected by the weather as it is natural hair
  • It is a bit heavier than synthetic

I think chosing between HH and SH is a very personal choice.

I personally like to wear synthetics to work (so that I always look the same, and they are SO FAST to get on and ready it’s really nice to have those extra 10 minutes to sleep… lol)

I love my HH wigs but I wear them over the weekend or when I go out to some special event because then I have more time to get them ready, curled, straigthened or whatever.

I’m in love with Blush’s pony-tail wig… but she costs $999,00 way out of my price range at the moment.