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How I manage to get a 7-10 day bond in the nape area


The nape is notorious for being a tricky area to bond, after tons and tons and some more tons of research, I was able to find some tricks that really help to get this area stuck down.

It all starts with proper scalp prep:

Make sure your head is squeaky clean.After you remove your wig, clean away all adhesive residue, I used Pro-Touch adhesive remover and after that I washed my scalp thoroughly with clarifying shampoo. If you still feel some oily residue, wash it with Dawn (regular, blue stuff) dish soap.

Shave your head as well as you can, I used to use a wet razor, but that gave me lots of razor bumps but if you can, do this. I ended up settling for a buzz cut with my clippers (plastic guard removed or ‘zero’ setting). It worked alright.

Dry your head thoroughly with a microfiber towel, to avoid any fibers being left behind

I applied ProTouch No Sweat, as it made me feel clean and smelling fresh for longer. Then I applied a thin coat of Scalp Protector. I see scalp protector as a film forming barrier, which protects the adhesive from your natural oils, and not the other way round (It really works for some and not for others).

Let all that dry.

Prepare your wig also:

Make sure there are no residues on your wig base also. Dont wash your wig cap with very moisturizing shampoos (I used clarifying shampoos and Dawn if needed).

Attach your tape to your base, not to your scalp.

If you use Adjust-A-Bond or Isopropyl alcohol to adjust the placement, use as little as possible.

More tips and tricks:

  • I was only able to achieve these results using Walker No Shine Tape, 1 inch strips. Narrower pieces of tape also worked, but only this brand and tape held this long. Supertape, Ultrahold and other tapes did not hold for so long.
  • I found that the Scalp Protector really helped.
  • Don’t wet your bond and try to avoid heavy sweating during at least 24 hours, while the adhesive cures.
  • If possible, depending on where your natural hairline ends, get a wig that doesn’t go too far down on your neck (mine did, it went about one and a half inch below my occipital bone, but if it were higher up, it wouldn’t move around so much, and last possibly even longer!).







Ladies, Love your hair!!!


I’ve recently been hearing a lot of talk about celebrities with hair loss, Naomi Campbell, Christina Aguilera, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga… the list goes on and on.

Most of the celebrities claim their hair loss is due to extensions or excessive processing.

So, if you are reading this, and you still have hair I urge to love it and take carcourse all women are all a little bit vain, we think about getting highlights, low lights, extensions, perms, straightening treatments and so on, but what really bothers me is how some people take their hair for granted.

A while ago, when I still had a tiny bit of hair and was getting it cut to wear a shorter style under my wigs, a girl at the salon was asking for a straightening treatment (with formaldehide!!!). She had GORGEOUS chocolate brown wavy hair. Her waves were the kind of waves I’ve always dreamed of having and all she had to do was brush and wash her hair. I asked her to please not process that lovely hair and told her that I was sitting there, envying her gorgeous hair and that she shouldn’t change a thing about it because she is ┬ábeautiful just the way she is.

So, if you’re reading this and you still have hair, listen to the bald girl when she says, no matter how much you hate your hair, learn to love it, because it is beautiful.

Wearing a Wig


Wearing a wig…

  • can be fun
  • can get hot (not in the sexy way, in the melting in the summer heat kind of way) the sweat goes down your forehead- annoying
  • makes AC become your best friend
  • allows you to have the hair colour and style you want to have without ruining your own hair
  • can make you feel pretty
  • can be upsetting when it falls off in public (this only happens if you are extra clumbsy like me)
  • makes swimming hard
  • sometimes I love it
  • sometimes I hate it