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Sempre tive poucos cabelos. Recentemente fui diagnosticada com Alopécia Areata Difusa. Resultado, meus cabelos loiros e cacheados foram raspados à máquina zero e agora uso perucas e próteses capilares. Decidi fazer este blog para falar um pouco sobre o dia-a-dia de uma mulher, meio garota ainda, de 28 anos que usa perucas todos os dias.

How I manage to get a 7-10 day bond in the nape area


The nape is notorious for being a tricky area to bond, after tons and tons and some more tons of research, I was able to find some tricks that really help to get this area stuck down.

It all starts with proper scalp prep:

Make sure your head is squeaky clean.After you remove your wig, clean away all adhesive residue, I used Pro-Touch adhesive remover and after that I washed my scalp thoroughly with clarifying shampoo. If you still feel some oily residue, wash it with Dawn (regular, blue stuff) dish soap.

Shave your head as well as you can, I used to use a wet razor, but that gave me lots of razor bumps but if you can, do this. I ended up settling for a buzz cut with my clippers (plastic guard removed or ‘zero’ setting). It worked alright.

Dry your head thoroughly with a microfiber towel, to avoid any fibers being left behind

I applied ProTouch No Sweat, as it made me feel clean and smelling fresh for longer. Then I applied a thin coat of Scalp Protector. I see scalp protector as a film forming barrier, which protects the adhesive from your natural oils, and not the other way round (It really works for some and not for others).

Let all that dry.

Prepare your wig also:

Make sure there are no residues on your wig base also. Dont wash your wig cap with very moisturizing shampoos (I used clarifying shampoos and Dawn if needed).

Attach your tape to your base, not to your scalp.

If you use Adjust-A-Bond or Isopropyl alcohol to adjust the placement, use as little as possible.

More tips and tricks:

  • I was only able to achieve these results using Walker No Shine Tape, 1 inch strips. Narrower pieces of tape also worked, but only this brand and tape held this long. Supertape, Ultrahold and other tapes did not hold for so long.
  • I found that the Scalp Protector really helped.
  • Don’t wet your bond and try to avoid heavy sweating during at least 24 hours, while the adhesive cures.
  • If possible, depending on where your natural hairline ends, get a wig that doesn’t go too far down on your neck (mine did, it went about one and a half inch below my occipital bone, but if it were higher up, it wouldn’t move around so much, and last possibly even longer!).







Ladies, Love your hair!!!


I’ve recently been hearing a lot of talk about celebrities with hair loss, Naomi Campbell, Christina Aguilera, Megan Fox, Lady Gaga… the list goes on and on.

Most of the celebrities claim their hair loss is due to extensions or excessive processing.

So, if you are reading this, and you still have hair I urge to love it and take carcourse all women are all a little bit vain, we think about getting highlights, low lights, extensions, perms, straightening treatments and so on, but what really bothers me is how some people take their hair for granted.

A while ago, when I still had a tiny bit of hair and was getting it cut to wear a shorter style under my wigs, a girl at the salon was asking for a straightening treatment (with formaldehide!!!). She had GORGEOUS chocolate brown wavy hair. Her waves were the kind of waves I’ve always dreamed of having and all she had to do was brush and wash her hair. I asked her to please not process that lovely hair and told her that I was sitting there, envying her gorgeous hair and that she shouldn’t change a thing about it because she is  beautiful just the way she is.

So, if you’re reading this and you still have hair, listen to the bald girl when she says, no matter how much you hate your hair, learn to love it, because it is beautiful.

Wigs, Wigs and More Wigs


I’ve been thinking about wigs a lot lately. I’ve had nightmares for a whole week that my wig falls of in public, or that I suddenly notice that I’m not wearing a wig in public.

I think I know what brought this on.

While getting out of my car in the parking lot at work, I bumped my head and the wig slid back quite a few inches. I quickly fixed it, but one of the Managers might have seen it from his office window.

Don’t really know why, but I was embarassed. It’s funny, because a while ago, I actually wanted to go to work in my shaved head, but after a bad experience at the mall (went bald, everyone stared and pointed me out) I’ve grown quite shy of my bald head ( being bald also makes my face look fatter, but that’s an entire different subject).

So. I’ve decided to stick my wigs down. I’ve ordered a full lace wig, with a silk top, and am basically just waiting for it to arrive.

Wearing a different wig everyday


Some people have asked me how I’m able to wear a different wig every few days without people finding out I wear a wig… So far I’ve done fine, but it is starting to become a little tricky!

To work I always wear one wig until it’s completly worn out. I started off with Brooke, then moved onto Reese, and today I started wearing May. They are progressively longer. Jackson and Angelica are still in their boxes, but I’ll wear Jackson when May looks old and Angelica when Jackson is worn out.  (I’ll try to post pictures later).

But what about my other wigs?

Ok I also have a Rianna, which I wore when I was wearing Brooke. So I wore Brooke to work and Rianna everywhere else. It is good to have two wigs so that you can wear one while the other one dries. Of course you can opt for getting two identical wigs, but I like to change things up so I wear one style from Mon-Friday and one over the weekends.

So the family only saw me in Rianna, I went to the mall & grocery store in Rianna and so on.

Then I got my lace wigs. I’ve only worn the long one to my friends’ wedding and once to McDonalds, and once to the mall (I happened to run into my boss that day, thank goodness she already knew about my alopecia).

I told my husband’s family about my alopecia as I see them a lot. First I told my mother-in-law, then one of the aunts, then a cousin… and I slowly told people I was comfortable telling (women only) and I knew they’d tell their husbands, so that they’d all be prepared to see me in my rapunzel hair at the wedding…

At the wedding, apart from the family members, I knew quite a few people, but I hadn’t seen them in AGES and as the lace wigs are the same colour and texture as my bio hair was, then I felt safe. Some people commented on how my hair had grown, and I just thanked them. Once girl thought I got extensions and went on and on asking me about extensions, so I just told her the truth. She’s a really nice person and was fine about it.

So trying to summarize it:

Monday to Friday (at work) I wear May now.

Saturday & Sunday: I wear Jolie. If it is very hot I wear my shorter lace wig as it is cooler.

Brooke, Rianna and Reese are retired.

I’m just afraid of meeting somebody who was at the wedding while in my shorter styles, then I’ll have to say I’m wearing my hair short or something… oh well, we’ll see when that happens!

Synthetic vs. Human Hair


I own 7 Synthetic wigs made by René of Paris (btw, René of Paris is the manufacturer of Noriko, René of Paris and Amore).

I like how edgy the short hairstyles can look. I think it would be hard to get edgy styles like Rianna in Human Hair.

So the pros of synthetic hair:

  • It is always ready to put on
  • Frizz free
  • Weather does not affect it
  • Your hair looks tidy all day long
  • No time wasted styling
  • Low Maintenance
  • They cost a lot less. You can get medical grade synthetic wigs for as low as $70.

Cons of Synthetic hair:

  • It can look a bit too shiny especially in photos taken with flashes.
  • Human hair does look more natural, not that people can tell you’re wearing a wig, but be ready for lots of compliments, and sometimes when you’re wearing a wig you just want to go by unnoticed.
  • People tend to stare… I think it’s because the wig has a bit more shine or maybe because I chose bolder haircuts which wouldn’t be possible with human hair.
  • They do last less time. The fibers in the nape especially tend to look frazzled after two and a half to three months time (wearing it all day long and removing it only to sleep).
  • If you don’t get heat safe synthetic wigs you’re stuck with the style you got.

 Now Human hair…

I own two lace wigs made out of human hair. They’re supposed to be “Malaysian” and I don’t care if they’re Malaysian, Indian, Chinese or European, I LIKE them! The hair is smooth and soft and it feels real, which I consider to be a GREAT plus.

Pros of Human Hair (HH):

  • It looks 100% natural (ok, because it IS natural)
  • The feel against your skin is really nice because it feels more real
  • People REALLY can’t tell there is something “off” about your hair.
  • You can style it with heat, braid it while it’s damp to get a nice wave, flat iron it, curl it… you name it, it can be done.
  • You can moisturize it and take care of it, therefore it lasts a lot longer. I’ve heard some people use HH wigs for up to 7 years! That’s a long time!


  • It is more expensive.
  • It takes more time and energy to keep it looking good
  • It is affected by the weather as it is natural hair
  • It is a bit heavier than synthetic

I think chosing between HH and SH is a very personal choice.

I personally like to wear synthetics to work (so that I always look the same, and they are SO FAST to get on and ready it’s really nice to have those extra 10 minutes to sleep… lol)

I love my HH wigs but I wear them over the weekend or when I go out to some special event because then I have more time to get them ready, curled, straigthened or whatever.

I’m in love with Blush’s pony-tail wig… but she costs $999,00 way out of my price range at the moment.

Wearing a Wig


Wearing a wig…

  • can be fun
  • can get hot (not in the sexy way, in the melting in the summer heat kind of way) the sweat goes down your forehead- annoying
  • makes AC become your best friend
  • allows you to have the hair colour and style you want to have without ruining your own hair
  • can make you feel pretty
  • can be upsetting when it falls off in public (this only happens if you are extra clumbsy like me)
  • makes swimming hard
  • sometimes I love it
  • sometimes I hate it