Monthly Archives: April 2011

Wigs, Wigs and More Wigs


I’ve been thinking about wigs a lot lately. I’ve had nightmares for a whole week that my wig falls of in public, or that I suddenly notice that I’m not wearing a wig in public.

I think I know what brought this on.

While getting out of my car in the parking lot at work, I bumped my head and the wig slid back quite a few inches. I quickly fixed it, but one of the Managers might have seen it from his office window.

Don’t really know why, but I was embarassed. It’s funny, because a while ago, I actually wanted to go to work in my shaved head, but after a bad experience at the mall (went bald, everyone stared and pointed me out) I’ve grown quite shy of my bald head ( being bald also makes my face look fatter, but that’s an entire different subject).

So. I’ve decided to stick my wigs down. I’ve ordered a full lace wig, with a silk top, and am basically just waiting for it to arrive.