Wearing a different wig everyday


Some people have asked me how I’m able to wear a different wig every few days without people finding out I wear a wig… So far I’ve done fine, but it is starting to become a little tricky!

To work I always wear one wig until it’s completly worn out. I started off with Brooke, then moved onto Reese, and today I started wearing May. They are progressively longer. Jackson and Angelica are still in their boxes, but I’ll wear Jackson when May looks old and Angelica when Jackson is worn out.  (I’ll try to post pictures later).

But what about my other wigs?

Ok I also have a Rianna, which I wore when I was wearing Brooke. So I wore Brooke to work and Rianna everywhere else. It is good to have two wigs so that you can wear one while the other one dries. Of course you can opt for getting two identical wigs, but I like to change things up so I wear one style from Mon-Friday and one over the weekends.

So the family only saw me in Rianna, I went to the mall & grocery store in Rianna and so on.

Then I got my lace wigs. I’ve only worn the long one to my friends’ wedding and once to McDonalds, and once to the mall (I happened to run into my boss that day, thank goodness she already knew about my alopecia).

I told my husband’s family about my alopecia as I see them a lot. First I told my mother-in-law, then one of the aunts, then a cousin… and I slowly told people I was comfortable telling (women only) and I knew they’d tell their husbands, so that they’d all be prepared to see me in my rapunzel hair at the wedding…

At the wedding, apart from the family members, I knew quite a few people, but I hadn’t seen them in AGES and as the lace wigs are the same colour and texture as my bio hair was, then I felt safe. Some people commented on how my hair had grown, and I just thanked them. Once girl thought I got extensions and went on and on asking me about extensions, so I just told her the truth. She’s a really nice person and was fine about it.

So trying to summarize it:

Monday to Friday (at work) I wear May now.

Saturday & Sunday: I wear Jolie. If it is very hot I wear my shorter lace wig as it is cooler.

Brooke, Rianna and Reese are retired.

I’m just afraid of meeting somebody who was at the wedding while in my shorter styles, then I’ll have to say I’m wearing my hair short or something… oh well, we’ll see when that happens!


About Mel

Sempre tive poucos cabelos. Recentemente fui diagnosticada com Alopécia Areata Difusa. Resultado, meus cabelos loiros e cacheados foram raspados à máquina zero e agora uso perucas e próteses capilares. Decidi fazer este blog para falar um pouco sobre o dia-a-dia de uma mulher, meio garota ainda, de 28 anos que usa perucas todos os dias.

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