Wearing a Wig


Wearing a wig…

  • can be fun
  • can get hot (not in the sexy way, in the melting in the summer heat kind of way) the sweat goes down your forehead- annoying
  • makes AC become your best friend
  • allows you to have the hair colour and style you want to have without ruining your own hair
  • can make you feel pretty
  • can be upsetting when it falls off in public (this only happens if you are extra clumbsy like me)
  • makes swimming hard
  • sometimes I love it
  • sometimes I hate it

About Mel

Sempre tive poucos cabelos. Recentemente fui diagnosticada com Alopécia Areata Difusa. Resultado, meus cabelos loiros e cacheados foram raspados à máquina zero e agora uso perucas e próteses capilares. Decidi fazer este blog para falar um pouco sobre o dia-a-dia de uma mulher, meio garota ainda, de 28 anos que usa perucas todos os dias.

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